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Home Korean Movies The Concubine (2012)

The Concubine (2012)

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The Concubine (Hangul: 후궁: 제왕의 첩; RR: Hugoong: Jewangui Chub; lit. "Royal Concubine: Concubine to the King") is a 2012 South Korean historical film directed by Kim Dae-seung. Set in the Joseon Dynasty, it centers around Hwa-yeon (Jo Yeo-jeong), who decides to enter the royal palace as one of the king’s concubines in order to escape poverty, Kwon-yoo (Kim Min-joon), a man torn between love and revenge, and King Seong-won (Kim Dong-wook), who has his heart set on Hwa-yeon despite the countless women available to him. These three characters form a love triangle which is ruled by dangerous passion. The struggle to survive within the tight-spaced boundaries of the palace is intense, and only those who are strong enough to overcome the hell-like milieu can survive.


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